The Nadir of Advertising

cell tower In Quirky Spam I described a special corner of hell for email spammers. Well, I’ve found them some neighbors.

I occasionally look through my spam for a few moments of entertainment — or is it more like gawking at car wreck as you drive by? Well, whatever. I recently came across one with the subject “New Text Message Received”. The key paragraph says “With more than 255 million people owning cellular telephones nationwide, having the ability to transmit a relevant advertising message to those consumers regardless of their location is the pinnacle of advertising, and with text messaging fast becoming the most common form of communication, the future looks very bright indeed for companies in our market sector.” [emphasis mine].

Yeah, right. They’re offering their services with “one of the world’s largest database of cellular numbers and … the software and hardware to deliver advertising content to consumers all over the world” and claim to have run campaigns for the likes of Microsoft, Rebok, and AT&T.

While these jokers are aiming for “consumers all over the world”, a more insidious scheme has been discussed in LinkedIn‘s Q&A — your Bluetooth device is “targeted” for localized advertising, particularly in malls or shopping centers. I already don’t care for large crowds; now just imagine being subjected to the cacaphony of hundreds of cell phones continually alerting their users to a stream of incoming advertisements, or the St Vitus Dance of all those who’ve opted to use vibrate mode.

image: Nachoman-au, Telstra Mobile Phone Tower.jpg, Wikimedia Commons

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