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Usually spam comes from random IP addresses, but lately I’ve gotten a lot from (supposedly somewhere in Panama or Mexico).

The Akismet plugin does an excellent job of catching comment spam, but I’ve grown tired of seeing this particular address over and over again in the spam queue, so I’ve blocked that IP.

If you have a similar problem, there are instructions in the WordPress Codex at Combating Comment Spam/Denying Access on how to do this.

Aside, I’ve been really busy lately and haven’t had a chance to make any new posts. Hopefully things will get back to normal (such as it is) in a few days.

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3 Responses to Comment Spam

  1. hornlo says:

    Looks like has now become another source of spam from that network. I’ve added it to my deny list — one more from that network and I’ll just wildcard it.

    Also entertaining is that the original post has become a target of the lets-list-20-links type of spam. You’d think they’d know better, but I guess they’re trying the ‘better living through ignored automation’ route.

  2. I’ve also been getting a LOT from… Actually, 152 spam comments, to be exact. I just got so fed up from it that I made a .htaccess. I think when I looked it up, it said Argentina. Not like I’m going to get any readers from there — I don’t speak Spanish.

    I googled the address just to know somebody else was suffering with me. Good to know.

  3. hornlo says:

    I’ve had a lot of search hits for that IP address from the first day I published it. We have plenty of company.

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