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Just as I was finishing my previous post, my phone announced I’d received a new text message. Even though it was 05:29, I wasn’t surprised because my friends know I keep unusual hours.

However, it was SMS spam; in particular, stock spam. Who in their right mind would buy any stock based on a spammer’s recommendation? They’re just trying to cause a short-term rise in price for their own benefit. This one was for “GAGI, Global Agri-med”, but according to the list of spam-advertized stocks, GAGI is Guardian Angel Group, while Global Agri-Med Technologies is GAGO. In any case, they’re both on the list. The message was purportedly from “qualityjou” at, but that’s bogus (it’s a construction company in Scotland) — stock spamming is completely illegal so the spammers never use legit contact information.

Fortunately I get almost no SMS spam. Others aren’t so fortunate, especially so if they don’t have unlimited text messaging. There’s little that can be done about it, short of having all SMS (or at least Internet-origin SMS) blocked from your phone. Phones are usually too limited to install blocking software, and unless you’re on an unlimited data plan, you’ve already paid for the message by then anyway.

Here are a couple articles about what you can do to limit it:
How to Block Cellphone Spam, David Pogue, New York Times
Blocking SMS spam from the Spamnation blog

Of course it’s only going to get worse, as spammers consider it to be the pinnacle of advertizing.

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