Synthetic Telepathy

tin foil hat “The U.S. Army is developing a technology known as synthetic telepathy that would allow someone to create email or voice mail and send it by thought alone. The concept is based on reading electrical activity in the brain using an electroencephalograph, or EEG.” Eric Bland (Discovery), Army developing ‘synthetic telepathy’, MSNBC

This takes the problem of drunk dialing (or emailing or texting) to a whole new level. Perhaps the Army should simultaneously look into incorporating something along the lines of Google’s Mail Goggles to prevent embarrassing faux pas.

While the article claims synthetic telepathy is under development, some out there believe it already exists as a weapon:

Synthetic Telepathy is a form of mind control (EMF Weapon) that is created thru the use of Microwaves, EMF, or Acoustics. Using such technology, one can transmit voices, as well as images, to a victims brain. In addition, the technology allows the capability of controling ones bodily functions. Some of the sites below may give you a better understanding of the technologies involved, as well as their potential risks. Telepathic Abduction: Synthetic Telepathy

Perhaps it’s time to dust off my tin foil hat.

H/T: for additional interesting commentary, see the Technocrat and Boing Boing articles.

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  1. kevin says:

    these people have forced 12 friends of mine to commit suicide in the last 5 years. dont tell me they have not been using this technology. i think its called the war on meth over here in wyoming and south dakota. also 3 of my other friends and i have been hearing these a-holes in our heads for a few years saying all the propaganda BS . but now we know who and what they are. just a couple of thier names in gillette wy …..jason bishop and david brewer i even got pics of the house and cars they use to watch us.. lousy perps

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