Cold-hearted man

Or so I was called today by a panhandler in the grocery store parking lot. I think he was offended by my refusal to shake his hand and telling him to go away.

Do not come up to me cold outside the Quick Stop, in the grocery store parking lot, or anywhere else, with a smarmy smile, your hand held out for a shake, and saying “Sir! Sir! Could I speak to you for a minute?” Sorry, but I’ve heard all the heartbreaking stories about being from out of town with a broken-down car, no gas or food, … way too many times.

Once I was more kindly, and would in weak moments respond to these pleas. On a few occasions, even sensing a con, I gave something just to see what would happen — like the person “needing” some food inside a fast-food joint, who immediately left the premises when I gave up a couple dollars; so much for hunger pangs. I smirked all the way to my car.

So, yeah, I’m a cold-hearted bastard. First I’ll ignore you, so as not to encourage you. If you’re persistent, I’ll shake my head, say “no” with a glare, and wave you away. If you still haven’t given up, I will yell at you and maybe even do my berserk psychopath routine.

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2 Responses to Cold-hearted man

  1. Wayne says:

    You cold-hearted bastard. :P

    • hornlo says:

      Man, you’re on top of things! The ink hasn’t even dried, lol. Looks like we both have grocery store stories … maybe it’s a sign we should find better places to hang out.

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