MS smacks MS

According to a media release, “Mississippi has reached a multi-million dollar anti-trust settlement with software giant Microsoft […] worth up to $100 million”. The article goes on to say that “This is the largest cash payment made to a state government.”.

The state gets $40 to $48 million directly, while vouchers to just about any constituency you can think of will account for up $60 million or so.

Now, I’m somewhat gleeful that MS smacked MS[FT], but I’m disappointed in that the bottom-of-the-food-chain consumers only get a few paltry dollars (either $5 or $12). Well, actually, they don’t even get that; what they really get are vouchers good for buying “any hardware or software”. While the article says “any”, I wonder if that really means “any Microsoft” product. Oh … I wonder how the lawyers made out.

I’m also concerned that by the time the bureaucratic procedures mentioned in the article are implemented and all the vouchers are processed, that it will actually cost more than the cheap vouchers are worth — unless you’re a bureaucrat, of course. Honestly, I wouldn’t go through the hoops necessary to get a $5 Microsoft voucher. If the $60 million in vouchers aren’t all claimed, the state will only get an extra $8 million — that’s an interesting provision.

Finally, now that this is settled, MS & MS can go marching hand in hand into the sunset dawn of a new day: “[Attorney] General Hood further stated, ‘I now look forward to working with Microsoft on helping us on two of my most passionate issues: stopping intellectual property theft and cyber child pornography.'”

h/t: WJTV (Twitter)

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