Cloud Ships

When I first saw this Telegraph URL in my email, I imagined huge silver blimps floating among the clouds. However, it turns out these cloud ships are literal ocean-going vessels.

The project, which is being worked on by rival US and UK scientists, would see 1,900 wind-powered ships ply the oceans sucking up seawater and spraying minuscule droplets of it out through tall funnels to create large white clouds. —‘Cloud ship’ scheme to deflect the sun’s rays is favourite to cut global warming, Telegraph

Now, this is supposed to be a good thing to counteract global warming. Stick them off in the Pacific far from shore to reduce the effect on continental rainfall, and let satellites direct them where they are most effective. In the worst case, if it turns out this is a bad idea, just stop the program — unlike some proposals that once turned on are irreversable.

However, the term clould ships has a more sinister meaning

The above pictures show cloudships or starships disguised as clouds in the daytime sky. The Pleiadian Star Fleet and other starfleet ships that are here around Planet Earth at this time use technologies to prevent them from being seen at times in third dimension. —Space Vehicles and Cloudships (scroll down to “Pictures of Cloudships”), E T Friends

h/t: email from Ron (“I’d prefer clouds of Skittles.”)

image: cloud_1458130c.jpg, Telegraph
image: 01-28-03-cloud-ships-2.jpg, E T Friends

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