Whither LazyWeb and Hoosgot?

While cleaning out my feed reader, I ran across the feed for Hoosgot, which apparently has shut down.

In April 2008 I said “I’ll whine about them here just in case some ghost of LazyWeb still exists and answers before I get around to researching them myself.” and later added in an update “Also, I was mostly kidding with the LazyWeb reference, but it turns out that Hoosgot is the resurrected LazyWeb. Cool.”.

I wonder if someone has tried to revive this idea yet again, so I’m posting this just to see if any bot picks it up, based on the old names.

The last post on LazyWeb was 2006-04-25, announcing its closure. The last tweet from @Lazyweb was 2007-06-25.

The last post on Hoosgot was 2008-12-09. The last tweet from @hoosgot was 2008-12-10.

Update 2009-08-29: @tweetpro: @hornlo check out @lazytweet as the LazyWeb replacement. 2:22 AM Aug 17th

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