Pizza FAIL

A night or two ago I got home late and tired from work and decided that I should treat myself to a pizza, so I placed an online order with Dominos (yeah, I know, but they’re close by) as I’ve done before.

Someone else make my food and bring it to me: WIN.

… time passes …

Driver: Knock, knock … Here’s your pizza; that’ll be $x.xx.
Me: Urm, no; wrong order. I had pizza, extra stuff, and cokes, for $yy.yy.
Both: look at ticket on box … “right” price, so logistics error
Driver: They forgot to put out the rest of the stuff; be right back ….

… time passes …

Driver: Knock, knock … Here’s your pizza and extra stuff.
Me: Urm, and the cokes?
Driver: brief WTF look
Me: longer, silent stare
Driver: Urm, take this stuff, I’ll be right back with the cokes.

… I put the stuff in the kitchen, unopened so it’ll stay warm … time passes …

Driver: Knock, knock … Here’s your cokes.
Me: Here’s your money.

… you-know-this-isn’t-over music begins faintly in the background as I head for the kitchen …

I open the box … there sits a plain cheese pizza.

Me: calls, asks for manager … who finally comes to phone
Me: This is so-and-so at such-and-such … I was willing to overlook the three trips it took to deliver my order, but this is the limit: I paid $yy.yy for a piled-with-meat carnivore’s delight and all I got was a plain cheese pizza.
Manager: Three trips!?
Me: … details …
Manager: Urm, I’ll send you another free pizza.
Me: No, I don’t want to wait for another [thinking to myself, “probably wrong”] pizza, this has taken long enough, I’ll eat what I have; send me a coupon or something.
Manager:Urm, I’ll make a note in the database so your next order will be free.
Me: Fine. Thanks.

I probably should have cancelled the order, or asked for a new hot pizza, but it was late and I was tired and hungry and willing to just let it all slide rather than deal with the drama and hassle.

Will that offer ever get redeemed? Hmmm.

image: Jon Sullivan, Pepperoni pizza.jpg, Wikipedia

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