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I want one of these. I’ve no idea what I’d do with it, but still … my own personal satellite in LEO, if only for a few weeks.

Interorbital Systems has this cool TubeSat Personal Satellite Kit for only $8000, which includes launching it into low earth orbit. Briefly, what you get is “the satellite’s structural components, safety hardware, solar panels, batteries, power management hardware and software, transceiver, antennas, microcomputer, and the required programming tools.” Or, you can mix and match your own replacements. You then toss in the components of your experiment.

Along with the list of typical tech/geek type of experiments you’d expect, they mention “space burials”.

That would be an interesting bit of legal research. For a “burial”, what are you allowed to send up? Microbes? Insects? Pets? Relatives? Would the country over which the tiny “coffin” burned up have any say in who or what could be cremated over their territory? (I’m assuming you don’t have much choice regarding where the orbit finally decays and the satellite burns up.) What if it failed to burn up completely — would you be distressed if a smouldering housecat from space suddenly impacted the hood of your car?

image: TubeSat Photo 77 Edit 2 S 1.jpg, Interorbital Systems

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  1. I have been following this story for weeks now, and still I wonder why no one has brought this simple little matter up… so here it is, take it for what it’s worth; 35 TubeSats @ $8,000 each ( $280,000.00 total). This price includes fueling & launching the rocket, and making a profit for the company. Does anyone see a potential problem with this pricing structure, or is it just me.
    Wings and prayers do not launch rockets… money and intelligence does. For this scheme to even have a chance at reaching space the price structure per each individual TubeSat (If that price is also to include launch costs as advertised) will have to start at a minimum $150,000.00/$300,000.00 each. I wouldn’t get my hopes up for getting your own personal satellite into space for $8,000.00 It’s a nice thought but not a realistic one unless you have a very large rubber band.

    • hornlo says:

      Thanks for the comment. Anyone who is seriously interested in suborbital or orbital access should of course investigate the market and vet the claims of any services offered.

      For the sake of disclosure …. I see your name links to a company (whose name or products I won’t mention directly or link to myself due to the many IP warnings) that offers a product named similarly to the “TubeSat” (replace the “T” with a “C”).

      The Q & A page says the company is not a launch provider itself, but offers services between the experimenter and the launch provider.

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