Is the sky falling?

How many of the 12 questions in The Science Knowledge Quiz can you get right? Go ahead and try it now — it’s quick and easy.

For more detailed and statistically sound analysis, check out Science and Engineering Indicators 2008, which I posted about last year. It states “[…] many Americans do not reliably distinguish between scientific and nonscientific knowledge claims.” See my linked post for the quote and a few stats if you don’t want to go immediately to the full report.

Hat tip to Decrepit Old Fool’s “A depressing score“, but there are no comments there. He picked it up from Greg Laden’s “I am, like, really smart and stuff“, where you’ll find plenty of commentary.

So, is the sky really falling? Today is one of those days when I’m feeling too old and tired to rant about any of this … after all, what’s a few hundred years of darkness [1] now and then in the broader sweep of history?

image: Hannes Grobe, Erlenmeyer flask hg.jpg, Wikipedia

  1. yes, I did read the Wikipedia article; can you say snark? []

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