I’m psychic

It is totally worth it. I’ve on several occasions, inadvertently as well as intentionally, pulled a stunt like this.

For example: once long long ago, when I was a teenager or just after, some friends and I were cruising around looking for some mischief to get into.

Me: Let’s listen to some Pink Floyd … clicks on the radio …
Radio:Dark Side of the Moon
Others: … get quiet and stare at me …
Me: WTF? What’s wrong?
Others: How’d you know?
Me: Know what?
Others: Pink Floyd. On the radio. You just turned it on.
Me: … smirk …

Internally, this freaked me out (keeping with period slang). You see, I actually had a Pink Floyd cassette in the player, and that’s what I’d meant to play.

It was just coincidence that Pink Floyd was on the radio. That I honestly didn’t catch on at first that it was the radio playing made me appear so nonchalant about it all, which is what really got to them.

image: Psychic, xkcd

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