I’m not depressed, I’m adaptive

Scientific American has an interesting article: “Depression’s Evolutionary Roots“.

This is not to say that depression is not a problem. Depressed people often have trouble performing everyday activities, they can’t concentrate on their work, they tend to socially isolate themselves, they are lethargic, and they often lose the ability to take pleasure from such activities such as eating and sex. Some can plunge into severe, lengthy, and even life-threatening bouts of depression.

My first thought was “Who’s been spying on me!?” Urm, guess I better look for that article on paranoia, too.

There is another possibility: that, in most instances, depression should not be thought of as a disorder at all. In an article recently published in Psychological Review, we argue that depression is in fact an adaptation, a state of mind which brings real costs, but also brings real benefits.

Gee, I feel so much better now.

h/t: Hugh Pickens, Depression May Provide Cognitive Advantages, Slashdot

image: Edvard Munch, The Scream.jpg, Wikipedia

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