School phone searches

As much as I think schools should have some leeway to maintain order and safety, particularly with younger children, I’m on the side of the student here.

It’s one thing to confiscate a phone until the end of the day, but to take it, search it, and turn it over to the police? The article doesn’t mention any extenuating circumstances that would have prompted a search. I suppose it was a “do it just because we can” situation. As for the explusion … “gang signs” (read the article).

Southaven Middle School in Southaven, Mississippi has a policy against cell phone use during school hours, as many schools do nowadays. In August of 2008, 12-year-old Richard Wade was discovered to be in violation of that policy after he received a text message from his father (who was traveling out of state) during “football class.” That’s when his cell phone was confiscated by his football coaches and then searched by the principal, as well as the Southaven Police Department. —Jacqui Cheng, Expelled student sues over “unreasonable” cell phone search, Ars Technica

I guess it was a good thing he didn’t also have any Dangerous Pencil Sharpeners.

While you contemplate that, ask yourself, in a spin of the credit card commercial, “What’s in your phone?”.

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