Planning, conflict, MBTI, and bowling

This has been an interesting, if somewhat draining, week at work — filled with meetings, professional development sessions, and even an afternoon of bowling for the entire staff.

Each year the leadership team assembles to review our past year’s performance and to develop goals for next year. This year, interleaved with the planning sessions, were professional development courses: managing conflict, core elements of a team, and an MBTI analysis.

I think this was a good idea. By interleaving the planning and development sessions, we had to opportunity to immediately apply the ideas from the development sessions in practical, real-world situations, then return to the next segment of the development sessions and review how well we did in the planning segments.

Also, this mode shift helped relieve the tediousness, if you will, of day-long meetings, no matter how effective or interesting they may be.

One afternoon we closed the office and the entire staff went bowling. While at first I thought “Bowling!?”, it actually was quite fun and I’m glad we did it. It’s been a long time since I’ve bowled, and for the next couple days the pain in my muscles reminded me of just how out of shape I am.

If you read my “Type Casting” post from last November (just a coincidence on dates), you know I’m an INTP. The professional analysis this year just reaffirmed it:

  • I : very clear
  • N : very clear
  • T : clear
  • P : slight

For a bit of levity, at the end of the class the instructor passed out a MTBI Type Prayers list. For INTP: “Lord help me be less independent, but let me do it my way.” Ha.

For more on Myers-Briggs, Keirsey, and Big 5 personality analysis, see my “Type Casting” post.

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