Meme: First sentence of first post of each month of 2009

Jan: “DIY BIO: clone at home but kill them later” (Sandra Porter) … I just love that title. [Clone on the Range] (actually, this is the 2nd post)

Feb: Here’s an interesting mix of articles about public imaging. [Just say “Cheese!”]

Mar: According to the Clarion Ledger article “18 running for Jackson [Mississippi] mayor“, “Incumbent Mayor Frank Melton is one of 18 candidates for the top spot, including the man he beat four years ago, the tax collector who threatened to auction his home and the former district attorney who tried to put him in jail.” [Who isn’t running for mayor?] (actually, this is the 2nd post)

Apr: When I was a kid, I’d help my mom with the occasional defrosting and cleanup of the deep freezer in the utility room. [Need to know]

May: Lately I’ve been watching The History Channel’s “Engineering an Empire” documentaries. [Engineering of Empires]

Jun: I think I must have missed a transition somewhere along the way, where the qualifiers “sorta” or “not really” became implicit for words like “Complete” or “Uninstall”. [Complete installs and uninstalls]

Jul: In desperate times … [Asteroids: The Movie]

Aug: Usually I drink only coffee — lots and lots of coffee. [Radiant Orange Soda]

Sep: Are you passionate enough about anything to leave on a one-way trip — no way, no hope of return — that will likely result in your early death? [Point of no return]

Oct: I originally posted about this in June. [MS smacks MS deadline]

Nov: This has been an interesting, if somewhat draining, week at work — filled with meetings, professional development sessions, and even an afternoon of bowling for the entire staff. [Planning, conflict, MBTI, and bowling]

Dec: In a moment of insanity I decided to learn Japanese. [Learning Japanese: Introduction]

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