Christmas Break 2009

My Christmas break begins today. Officially I’m off until January 4th, but I may go into work Monday to take care of a few last-minute chores and catch up on office housekeeping I just didn’t want to deal with Friday evening. There are also three days when it’s my turn to drive in to rotate backup media, but that’s only a half hour out of each day, at no specific time.

When asked, I usually say my plans for the holiday are to catch up on my sleep. I’m chronically short on sleep, since I’m an extreme night owl and never sleep well during the week. There are several major household tasks I’ve been putting off; perhaps I’ll get around to them as well. Otherwise, my desire is for a quiet, uneventful break.

This morning I upgraded Isotropic to WordPress 2.9 — clicked the “Upgrade to 2.9” button — whew, that was hard. I think WP has got the process down to its simplest, short of just doing it automatically behind the scenes. Of course, I did log into my shell account and back up the blog database, then rsync my whole site (not just the blog) to storage at home before actually upgrading, but even that didn’t take long — essentially just typing two commands.

By the way, I can’t emphasize enough: “Back. Up. Your. Stuff.“. Back up early and often.

I’ve been kinda busy lately, so I hope the holiday gives me time to post more often, including adding some more posts to my Learning Japanese series.

In any case, I wish you and yours a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year … or whatever religious, civil, personal, or random interval of time you observe, if any.

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