So much for rest and relaxation

So far this week, “break” has been good-news / bad-news.


Bad: Went to work Monday at 9am, didn’t leave til 8pm. What with other things I needed to do after that, I didn’t get home til about 10:30pm.

Good: Got my office cleaned up a little bit, and I think I got all the year-end paperwork done I needed to do.

Bad: ADP’s ezLabor suddenly decided that the version of Firefox I’ve been using for months is either too new or a beta version (according to the error message) and refused to do anything other than tell me to change browsers. Fortunately, a different version of FF in my Windows VM worked fine.

Attention ADP developers (or whoever you contracted this out to): I’ve used your pedestrian, pain-in-the-ass application; you’re not doing anything special. So gratuitous, poor parsing of browser ID strings, rather than writing robust code, is either incompetence or laziness. Pick one.

Good: My new laptop came in Monday, instead of the predicted mid-January, so part of that late time at work was updating my laptop.

Bad: Updating my new laptop — over a gigabyte of updates. Windows and Office service packs, Adobe, Apple, … multiple reboots, multiple scans (and more reboots) to discover updates to the updates. Programs that won’t continue unless you agree to gen-you-whine validation, allow online activation, register (my email is “”), agree to this and that; decline superfluous add-ons, “Pro” upgrades, and unrelated third-party installations of virus scanners, toolbars, branded and modified browsers, music managers, social networking tools, …. Turn on things that should be defaults, turn off things that are obnoxious impediments to useful work, ….

Such a contrast to Linux: “yum update” and you’re done, all the magical interdependencies dealt with at once, and only reboot (when you feel like getting around to it) if there’s a kernel update.


Bad: I had to replace my water heater.

Good: I now have really hot water.

Wednesday (today)

Bad: Some of us are on call to go back to the office to re-install computer equipment once the painters, carpet, and furniture people give the OK after re-doing an office suite.

Good: (sorta) While at the office I’ll finish my laptop upgrades (still more huge updates to download). Then I can image the sucker, repartition it, put Linux on it, and be happy.

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