Salt with a kick

“[S]odium-free salt (potassium chloride) is sufficiently radioactive (from the isotope potassium-40) that after several months, a saltshaker-ful will form an image on film.” —Theodore Gray, Gray Matter: DIY X-Ray Photos, Popular Science

Unrelated to the content, a brief rant….

Apparently PopSci (yeah, I know) is de-optimized for my flavor of Firefox. I ran across the article as I was catching up on my lifrea RSS feeds. I clicked it to open in Firefox … and waited … and waited … many minutes later, still a blank tab. Only after I left and came back from dinner was the page loaded … except NO article (content) images. Yes, I did try reloading. Arrrgh.

Usually I abort pages that behave this badly, but after seeing how (non)-loading it was behaving — not even set up to at least display something in the tab while-u-wait — I decided leave it alone to see how long it would take to load.

Curious about what made the page so awful, I handed the URL over to the Web Page Analyzer, which gave a total of 2,324,785 bytes requiring about 205 http accesses for the page, broken down like this:

HTML: 15072
HTML Images: 506066
CSS Images: 1511636
Total Images: 2017702
Javascript: 165275
CSS: 126736

So only 22% of this is content (well I’m being generous, calling all of the “HTML” and “HTML Images” content).

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