This is my personal blog. Unless otherwise indicated, anything I write here is simply my personal, probably ill-formed, opinion and does not represent the views, beliefs, positions, or opinions of any other person or entity. The content is for discussion and entertainment only. Do not carelessly rely on the babblings of one random blogger for advice — you should refer any legal, medical, personal or other issues to a real lawyer, physician, counsellor, or other trusted individual.

As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, I do have neglected presences (like Facebook, Twitter, etc.) scattered over the Internet That link will help you find them; but I’m not a particularly social person, so don’t expect to find much there.

You can see a little bit about me professionally at my LinkedIn page.


I want, and try, to give credit where credit is due, and to respect copyrights. If you notice any errors or omissions, please let me know. In that spirit, feel free to use material from here, but I would appreciate a link back to the relevant post or content.


Just don’t — bad things can happen (not that I would do anything that extreme). Rather than hotlink, please make local copies of my own images; for others, I provide links to their sources.


This is a low-volume site, so for now I’ve left commenting and ping/trackback open — Akismet seems to be handling most of the spam just fine — but I may temporarily or permanently change that at any time, possibly without notice.


If you have any comments, complaints, or kudos, feel free to send them to me at isotropic@lohnet.org or use the contact form.

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