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Complete installs and uninstalls

I think I must have missed a transition somewhere along the way, where the qualifiers “sorta” or “not really” became implicit for words like “Complete” or “Uninstall”. There have always been rogue application (un)installations that due to programming errors or … Continue reading

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Don’t Look Don’t Tell

It’s time for another rantish post. [T]he manufacturer maintained that the system was perfect, and that revealing the source code would be damaging to its business. They were right about the second part, of course, because it turned out that … Continue reading

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Fifteen minutes is enough

As I passed by the TV, I heard an interviewer ask Nadya Suleman‘s grandfather if he was prepared for not just fifteen minutes of fame but a lifetime of fame. Arrgh. I. Just. Don’t. Care. Please, can’t we all just … Continue reading

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I finally bought a new TV

Wheee! That’s my new Sharp AQUOS LC-37D64U wide-screen LCD TV, which replaces an ancient analog set in my living room — which was going bad and I almost never watched anyway. So far the Sharp has performed excellently, even with … Continue reading

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Windows Genuine Pain In the Ass

This is old news, but I need to rant a bit. You’d think that downloading a file from a web site would be a simple process, but noooo, our friends at Microsoft have to make it a major effort — … Continue reading

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I love a good rant

Wow. This is just a small portion of an epic post: This resonates particularly with me because today is a very special day. Today is the day when a private company actually succeeded in giving me customer service as bad … Continue reading

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Ten Years of lohnet.org

I just realized that June 19 was the tenth anniversary of my lohnet.org domain registration (why I registered it). It is still my primary email domain, but the web site just sends traffic here. I’ve not decided what to do … Continue reading

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Significant White Space

The significance and formatting of whitespace in source code is a religious issue. Essentially, that means that opinions and intense personal preferences far outweigh any rational thoughts on the matter. That said, here’s my contribution to all the noise and … Continue reading

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It’s Your Fault

This article at NewScientist, Malicious software threatens internet economy, by Colin Barras & Tom Simonite, summarizes an OECD report: Malware: A security threat to the Internet economy (PDF). I’ve selected a few items from the summary: most malware infections (93%) … Continue reading

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ICLS Junk Mail

I received another postal spam (pspam?) from Internet Corporation Listing Service (ICLS) today. For a mere $35.00 / year, they will submit my domain to “14 established search engines”, and send me quarterly reports of my ranking. The Wikipedia entry … Continue reading

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