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Time Flies

“Ethan here: Today marks the 44th anniversary of Candelstick Park tornado that struck Jackson. 57 people died and 504 people were injured.” —@16WAPTNews I haven’t thought about that in years. My uncle was working there at the time; my aunt … Continue reading

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I’m psychic

It is totally worth it. I’ve on several occasions, inadvertently as well as intentionally, pulled a stunt like this. For example: once long long ago, when I was a teenager or just after, some friends and I were cruising around … Continue reading

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A Visit From DEC Corporate

I filled out the annual Customer Service Survey, dropped it in the mail, and forgot about it … until one day a nervous Field Service Engineer and a Concerned Corporate Suit showed up outside my office. Background This was back … Continue reading

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The first Twitter?

Long ago, on a VAX cluster far away, I was systems manager. phone was among the many utilities available, and was quite handy for chatting with other users on the cluster. Students seemed to enjoy it a lot, so much … Continue reading

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Ten Years of

I just realized that June 19 was the tenth anniversary of my domain registration (why I registered it). It is still my primary email domain, but the web site just sends traffic here. I’ve not decided what to do … Continue reading

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Core Dump

Jeff Moser, in Computing History Matters, said ‘I had always assumed that the “core” referred to in the error message was an adjective for “main,” but when I saw real “core memory,” I realized that I had misunderstood the term … Continue reading

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Zenith Laptop

It’s funny what you can find in the back of a closet. I think this Zenith ZFL-181-93 was my first laptop. It can still boot from both the DOS and Minix diskettes — not bad for a nearly 20-year-old machine. … Continue reading

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